About manahealthcare - the story of how it all began!

It all began in 2009 when the founder of manahealthcare dreamed of a better solution to provide a simple solution where time is of the essence. He wanted to create a trusted and familiar place where every person finds that healing touch, a connection with his doctor. He envisioned a world that was free from physical stress and mental instability. There it was, at that moment manahealthcare was born. What began as a small idea to connect people to the right healthcare providers has now taken the shape of this online web application. This caterpillar has finally become a butterfly and the dream that began as a simple website has now come to fruition to become this sophisticated application that is easy to use. Both for doctors as well as people that are searching for good doctors.

A lot of diverse people from lots of diverse backgrounds have come together for one purpose. Providing a simple solution to people that need healthcare. Right now, right here.

The intrinsic motivation for us to do something like this comes from our motto "Keep it simple, stupid". This KISS of love has now begun transforming the lives of patients and doctors all over the nation. Why wait? Join the revolution today!