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Nice to see few patients from manahealthcare.com. Good Meghanath - keep it up. But increase clinics and doctors information. - Dr. A. Krishna Mohan Rao - Orthopaedic Surgeon - Avinash Aorthopaedic Clinics

I got 1 patient from Seethafalmandi. They told that, We have seen your details in manahealthcare.com. Good Meghanath. Your site is useful for every person, who look for good and senior doctors. Thanks Manahealthcare & Meghanath. - Dr. Naron

Super response. We got excellent feedback from manahealthcare.com. - Health & Hygiene Dental Clinic

Registered on 06 - 02 - 2015 and same day we got a patient from Manahealthcare. Thanks Meghanath & Team - Anurag Rehabilitation Center.

Worth getting in manahealthcare.com. Thanks Meghanath - Adithya Children's Clinic

Good Response from Manahealthcare - Apex Hospitals

Thanks for sending good number of patients. Excellent team work - Yocures

Nice Mana Team - Paisa Vasool - From Dr. Rajashekar - Sure Care Homoepathy Clinic

Excellent response from Manahealthcare. Good number of patients visited us. Thanks - Orange Clinics

Iam Dr. Vinay Kumar - Founder of SafeRehaab Centers. I enrolled myself in Manahealthcare.com on 4 - 9 - 2012. Iam very happy with the response which i got from Manahealthcare.com. Moreover my clinic was display on the top level in Google search engine. Thankq Meghanath.

Dr. Vinay Kumar - Consultant Physiotherapist. SafeRehaab Centers.

Wow Result from Manahealthcare - From Sree Netralaya Eye Hospital & Laser Centre - Dilkushnagar .

Nice to hear manahealthcare.com from few patients, who walked into hospital. Good - Srikara Hospitals.

Got one patient from manahealthcare. Satisified - Ageless - Slimming Centre

Hi Meghnath - It is really good one. Why did you not add the other cities... Try to add visakhapatnam to this. It wud be helpful for many of my friends also.

Thanks - Dakshayani

Hello everybody, Iam Dr. Mahesh - Consultant Physiotherapist in Dondapati's Dental & Physiotherapy Clinic located in begumpet. I registered in Manahealthcare.com on 28th Jan 2013, on the same day, We got a patient from M.G. Road. Iam so very much satisfied with the response. Thank you. Dondapati's Dental & Physiotherapy Clinic


Dear Manahealthcare.com Founder, Iam Murthy - Retd Air Force Employee. I stay in Tarnaka. I want a good diagnostic centre near by home, My son told me from USA that, Manahealthcare.com is a Web Portal which gives a good information about the clinics or any health care centres. Then he gave a number of Alekhya Diagnostics located in tarnaka, which is registered in your web portal. I thank you and Mr. Ramoji - Alekhya Diagnostics owner for good and best service you both gave to my family.Regards,Surya Narayana Murthy.88868 13487. Alekhya Diagnostics - Tarnaka


I registered in manahealthcre.com because its unique website and after 2 or 3 days, we got a customer by viewing in manahealthcare. After that also, we got few calls from different areas in hyderabad. We are happy with services and feedback from Manahealthcare.com Team. I sincerely thank Mr. Meghanath (manahealthcare.com Founder ) for everything. I wish them all the best.

Dr.Kiran - Reshape


My daughter 6 months old and she is suffering with allery problem on her head, i found Omega hospital in Manahealthcare.com, I got, Dr Indira dermatologist in Omega Hospital ,Kukatpally, I took appointment and met her. She gave medicines to my daughter. Allergy was gone in one dose. She is very friendly. Iam so lucky to have Dr. Indira near to our home. Thankq manahealthcare for solving my daughters problem. Neelima.


I Registered in Manahealthcare.com on 20th June 2012. Exactly after 4 days, one patient visited to my clinic and undergoing treatment. Pasia Vasool. Thanks to Meghanath & Manahealthcare.com Team. Dr. Dhanunjaya - Consultant Physiotherapist - 99081 45859.

My Link - http://www.manahealthcare.com/SumanaPhysio.html


Really very happy with this website which are very useful for the present society. - Raja


MEGH - Iit is very nice and infact very useful - Thank you so much - gautam_modali@hotmail.com


Good Initiative Meghanath , Congrats for the Good Work Done .... but there is plenty of work that needs to be done for making these portals , a comprehensive one ... in their respective categories. All the best for your future endeavours. Warmest Regards - M.S.Umapathy Naidu - aneev_naidu@yahoo.com


Hi All,I'm very impressed with Manahealthcare.com.I have found a Diabetologist in my area & took an appointment over phone (From Los Angeles, US) for my visit to Hyderabad, India in January.A very professional service runs by a very knowledgeable person who really cares about making a difference for their clients. Keep it up Manahealthcare team.I would strongly recommend Manahealthcare.com.

Seshu. Los Angeles,California USA - Mobile No : 001 - 408 - 315 - 1851


ManaHealthcare.com doing great job... Hi Friends,

Recently I have been to Hyderabad, India it was a superb trip. As a part of my trip I thought of visiting dentist in greater Hyderabad & found www.manahealthcare.com, it is very interesting website with lots of doctors information (area wise) I have taken the XYZ doctor's appointment from USA & visited. It's very helpful site, please make sure you use it & suggest for friends.



Iam Mahesh, Owner of Healthylife Wellness centre. My Centre is located in Habsiguda. I registered in Manahealthcare.com on 12th May 2011. With the help of manahealthcare.com, In google wellness centre in habsiguda, my centre list is displaying in 2nd row. Iam so happy to see that. And more, my page was very attractive. It is desigined by Meghanath founder of Manahealthcare.com. I, really appreciate meghanath & manahealthcare.com for that services. I got some enquires from manahealthcare.com also. Regards, Mahesh - Healthy Life Wellness Centre - 95509 36810

My Link : http://www.manahealthcare.com/HealthyLife.html


I registered in manahealthcre.com bcoz its unique website where both doctors and needed people can interact with each other and get to know what all they want. Since, I registered myself i started getting online registrations and my clientele is increased. I sincerely thank Mr. Meghanath (manahealthcare.com Founder ) for everything and i wish them to have 100fold growth which in turn will help people like me growing. I wish them all the best. Dr. KiranKumar.Nagubandi,


Iam Sushma, on 2nd Jan 2011, I received a SMS from manahealthcare.com. When, I saw that website, I was really impressed. I stay in Saidabad, and searching for a good Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre nearby my home. Then, I got Recover Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre in Vidyanagar. I took my father for treatment. With the help of manahealthcare, I got a good clinic and my father was walking without any strain and stress. Thanks to Recover and manahealthcare.com - B. Sushma


Really appreciate the step taken towards the development of a web portal totally dedicated for the medical fraternity. As the trend is on… would help the common man to go through the clinic’s details before visiting. And the portal would surely apprise in time to come. And lastly would applaud the work done by Mr. Meghnath in developing the portal. Regards Dr. Paritosh Waghray


I would like to thank and appreciate Mr Meghanath (The founder For www.manahealthcare.com) for really taking lot of interest in Developing a medical website which would be helpful for many Patients who are seeking for good medical treatments.The website will be a one stop for all the patients covering all area’s of medical field which will really help everyone.I am so impressed by his ability to create  this website which has Been professionally designed. I Thank Mr Meghanath, for a job well done."

Dr Bhojraj Srinivas Straight 32 The Dental Clinic
B-2,Vikrampuri Colony,Below
Bata Showroom,Karkhana road,
Secunderabad 500009


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