Reference Code : mhc / 792

Regd. Date : 01-01-2013

Emergency Number : 8897 811 711
Apex Hospitals thus took shape to be run with human touch, compassion, care and highest degree of professionalism

About Us

The Professionals at Apex Hospitals have been bringing together quality services to fill quality needs. Whether you are looking for health check servives or medical services provider, Apex Hospitals here to serve you. Curing is process, one that requires meticulous dedication and skilled knowledge.

It is a 100 bedded super speciality hospital with all the basic and super specailities of health care with 24X7 emergency and intensive care services along with daily morning and evening out patient clinics.

Centrally located at warangal main road, It is offering Multi Speciality health care services. Highly qualified specialist doctors, providing the best services and facilities round the clock all under one roof.

Our Vision : Our vision is to make this hospital. A Multi Speciality Health Care Centre with top class facilities and care. To enchance individual patient care through timely, relevent healthcare and to meet the healthcare needs of the neddy patients in and around hyderabad.

Apex Departments

Pediatric Surgery
General Medicine
Obstetrics &Gynaecology
Dental Surgery
Plastic Surgery

Apex Departments Doctors

Department of Paediatrics
Dr. Linga Reddy Kasula - MBBS; D.C.H.(OSM)
Dr. Prashanth Singh - MBBS;MD
Dr. Pradeep Ugade - MBBS,MD,(Fellow in Pediatric Neurology)
Dr. Pankaj - MD,DM - Pediatric cardiologist
Department of Pediatric Surgery
Dr. Sarweswer Reddy - M.S.,M.Ch.
Dr. Yoganagender - M.S.,M.Ch.
Deparment of Orthopaedics
Dr. A.Krishna Mohan Rao - MBBS; D.Ortho
Dr. B.Subhash - M.S(Ortho)
Dr. K.Sreedhar - MBBS; D.Ortho,DNB
Dr. Uday Bhaskar - MS (Ortho)
Department of General Medicine
Dr. E.Ravishanker - MBBS;DNB,FSASMS
Dr. B.Srinivas - MBBS;MD,CSA(USA),RA(USA)
Dr. Praveen - MBBS;MD
Department of Obstetrics &Gynaecology
Dr. K.Prabhakar - MBBS;DGO
Dr. G.Vijaya Laxmi - MBBS;DGO
Dr. P.Vijaya Vasavi Reddy - MBBS;DGO
Dr. Neha singh - MBBS;MS(OBG)
Dr. G.Sumathi - MBBS;MS(OBG)
Department of Surgery
Dr. Ch.Rajamouly - MBBS;M.S (G.Surgery)
Dr. L.Ramesh - MBBS;M.S (G.Surgery)
Dr. K.Ramesh - MBBS;M.S (G.Surgery) - Laproscopic Surgeon
Dr. M.Rajkumar - MBBS;M.S (G.Surgery)
Department of ENT
Dr. Venkata Nagender Reddy - MS (ENT)
Dr. Ramakrishna - MS (ENT)
Depatrment of Ophthalmology
Dr. Ramgopal - M.S.(Ophthal)
Dr. Ramesh - M.S.(Ophthal)
Department of Dental Surgery
Dr. G.Srinivas - MDS,FDSRCS - Facio-maxillary surgeon
Dr. Rajitha - BDS,FDSRCS - Facio-maxillary surgeon
Department of Radiology
Dr. T.Ramesh - MD(Radiology)
Dr. Ravoof - MD(Radiology)
Dr. Harsha - MD(Radiology)
Dr. Srilatha Reddy - MD(Radiology)
Dr. Rama Rao - MD(Radiology)
Department of Anesthesiology
Dr. D.Srinivas - MBBS,DA
Dr. Gurumurthy - MBBS,DA
Dr. Srinivas - MBBS,DA
Dr. Madhavi Reddy - MBBS,DA
Dr. Madhav - MBBS,DA
Dr. Priyadarshini - MBBS,DA
Family Physician
Dr. D.Lavakumar Reddy - MBBS
Dr. M.Inna Reddy - MBBS
Dr. Balaiah - MBBS
Dr. Rajender Reddy - MBBS
Department of Pathology
Dr.Shanthi - MD(Pathology)
Department of Neurosurgery
Dr. Harish Jadav - M.Ch. Neurosurgery
Dr. Prathap - M.Ch. Neurosurgery
Department of Plastic Surgery
Dr. Rangaswamy - M.Ch. Neurosurgery
Dr. Manohar - M.Ch. Neurosurgery
Department of Cardiology
Dr. Naresh - DM Cardiology
Dr. Kasturi Sridhar - DM Cardiology
Dr. Kondal Rao - DM Cardiology
Department of Urology
Dr. Ashok - M.Ch.Urology
Dr. Naveen - M.Ch.Urology
Dr. Bhuvanesweri - MBBS
Dr. Geetha - MBBS
Dr. Ramamani - MBBS
Dr. Kelitha - MBBS
Dr. Vijay Goud - MBBS
Dr. Srikanth - MBBS
Department of Physiotheraphy
Dr.Soujanya - BPT

Dr.Linga Reddy Kasula - Managing Director

Dr. B.Srinivas

Dr. A.Krishna Mohan Rao

Dr. E.Ravishanker

Dr. G.Sumathi

Care with comfort : APEX HOSPITALS is for the pleasant, comfortable, air - conditioned patient rooms equipped with nurse call systems, television and telephone facility during their treatment. The nursing care is, in itself, a matter of high standard in patientcare.

Apex facilities

It's a 100 beded hospital
24 hrs service for all types of emergencies
Well equipped 10 beded MICU with Ventilators
3 Operation Theatres
Diagnostic facilities with rapid and accurate results.
All types of laprosopic surgeries are done
Knee and lip replacement surgeries are done
24 hrs Radiodiagnostics available
Pharmacy available
Plastic Surgeon

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Apex Hospitals

Plot No. 50, 51, Medipally, Warangal Highway, Uppal Depot, Hyderabad.

Ph : 040 - 2720 9901 / 02 ; Cell : 8897 811 811

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